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Powerbag - GymBeam

Producent: GymBeam

Powerbag is a weighted bag for home workouts that will help you exercise your entire body. It is coated with PVC, which unsures its maximum durability. It is outfitted with two different types of handles which makes it easy to manipulate with and comes in two weight variants of 10 and 20 kg

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Powerbag is a practical fitness aid for strength and cardio training at home

Powerbag is a highly practical piece of fitness equipment ideal for strength, cardio and HIIT trainings that will be a welcome addition to any home gym. This round bag filled with sand and coated with PVC will help you exercise your entire body. The durable PVC coating ensures the integrity of the bag, so that you don't have to worry about spilling the sand. Thanks to the two different types of handles it is very versatile and allows you to manipulate it without any limits. The handles are made of sturdy polyurethane, which makes them resistant to rough handling that comes with intense training.           


At home, the Powerbag can partially substitute a low weight barbell, since it can be used to increase the resistance of your squats as well as to perform deadlifts, cleans, presses and pulls. You can either hold it in your arms or place it on your back, optionally supporting it with your hands with the help of handles. The bag will stay in place even when performing intense exercise such as jump squats. It comes in two weight variants of 10 and 20 kg. Both variants are the same size, its diameter being 20 cm and its length roughly 50 cm


Powerbag & its benefits

  • resistance workout bag in 10 or 20 kg variant
  • diameter of 20 cm and length of roughly 50 cm
  • resistant PVC coating and polyurethane handles 
  • filled with sand
  • useful for strength or cardio training 
  • ideal for squats, deadlifts, cleans, presses or pulls
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Powerbag - GymBeam

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Powerbag - GymBeam

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